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Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Consultation Services, Dewan Real Consultants

"Advanced Consultation for Today's Challenges"

Our Consultation Services provide personalized, expert advice to address unique business needs. Experienced consultants offer actionable insights and practical solutions to optimize operations, drive growth, and implement innovative technologies. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of the business landscape towards sustainable success.

DRC (Private) Limited transformation services help businesses innovate, grow, and improve time-to-market, quality, and employee morale. They offer foundational training for Agile teams and guidance on scaling Agile across the organization. With a focus on Agile methodologies like Scrum, they provide diagnostics, training, and ongoing support to embed Agile practices and culture. Agile implementation can lead to increased project success rates, improved competitiveness, and enhanced responsiveness to market changes.


Our Consultation Services give solution for increasing productivity provides a thorough strategy that encompasses cost management, cash flow, capital expenditure, revenue growth, technology, operations, and change management. By working closely with our clients, we develop tailored strategies that match their objectives, emphasizing customer satisfaction and prompt outcomes. Leveraging our proficiency in Agile methodologies and change management, we deliver efficient and creative solutions with an emphasis on implementation and lasting transformation. Our support extends to cost control, cash flow management, and revenue enhancement, contributing to enhanced business performance.

Leading companies understand the importance of delivering great customer experiences alongside great products. Our Consultation Services  having CX consulting experts, who help identify customer priorities, simplify processes, and reduce costs to create delightful experiences. This leads to happy customers, employees, and shareholders. Measurement and acceleration tools like the Net Promoter SystemSM, NPS Prism, and NPSx are utilized for achieving these results.

In the digital era, our Consultation services specializes in transforming traditional meetings and learning environments into dynamic virtual experiences. We tailor virtual meetings and eLearning platforms for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations to optimize remote collaboration, engagement, and learning outcomes. Our virtual meeting solutions focus on using cutting-edge technology for seamless communication and collaboration, while our eLearning services offer immersive and interactive learning experiences. Our customized training programs, led by Binance Leaders, cover a variety of business areas and can be delivered through live classes, virtual meetings, or eLearning modules.

We assist in achieving sustainable, organic growth by placing your customers at the core of your company’s sales and marketing strategy. Our Consultation Services method rigorously examines every aspect of your customers’ journey, ensuring exceptional interactions at every contact point.

From our pioneering research on customer loyalty to our effective customer journey strategy, our marketing and sales consulting professionals provide the insights, resources, and expertise required to unlock your full potential. This encompasses our Net Promoter System, a leading framework for gauging customer loyalty and leveraging its impact on your business performance. Our team not only aids in crafting a robust strategy for your organization but also supports the execution of your goals, equipping you with the necessary tools, diagnostics, and standards to revolutionize how you serve your customers and secure their enduring loyalty.

Every company aims for a sustainable future by integrating sustainability practices, creating value. Our expertise helps organizations maximize returns on sustainability investments through practical solutions. Collaboration is key in tackling complex sustainability challenges. We specialize in comprehensive sustainability consultancy, addressing energy, emissions, investments, and more. Our Consultation Services cover areas like plastics recycling, supply chain optimization, and diversity. Our approach blends vision and practicality to integrate sustainability into core strategies effectively.

Effective consultation strategies are crucial for organizational success, tailored to each client’s unique needs, challenges, and goals. The process includes a comprehensive assessment phase using qualitative and quantitative research to identify intervention points. Strategies are collaboratively developed, respecting each client’s culture and vision, encompassing solutions like process optimization and leadership training. The goal is to empower clients to solve current issues and adapt to future challenges, delivering sustainable results. In an era of disruption, strategy is crucial. We offer creative solutions for companies worldwide, drawing on decades of experience as strategy leaders. Our consultants assist in mobilizing for change, navigating uncertainty, and achieving sustained growth, a challenge for most companies.

Our services cover seven key pillars of consultation, crafted to equip our clients with the knowledge and tactics required to succeed in their industries. Each strategy reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation, and tailored support.

Deep Dive Analysis:

Here, we thoroughly analyze your current operations, challenges, and market position. This goes beyond numbers; we delve into the narrative — your company culture, customer input, and the nuances that shape your brand. By taking this holistic approach, our suggestions are not only based on data but also resonate with your company values and market trends.

Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each business, we customize our strategies to align with the individual requirements and objectives of every client. By adopting this personalized method, we guarantee that our suggested solutions are not just efficient but also durable and adaptable, fostering expansion and flexibility in a constantly changing market environment.

Our commitment extends further than just planning. We support our clients throughout the implementation of our suggested strategies, providing guidance, resources, and necessary adjustments. This hands-on method guarantees that our clients not only possess a path to success but also receive the assistance needed to overcome any challenges they may encounter.

Business success is an ongoing journey rather than a singular event. By setting metrics and benchmarks, we can consistently evaluate the efficiency of our strategies and make immediate adjustments when needed. This iterative approach guarantees that our clients stay ahead of the competition, always at the forefront of innovation.

We are committed to empowering our clients by imparting our knowledge and insights. By offering workshops, training sessions, and comprehensive documentation, we aim to equip our clients and their teams with a deep understanding of the strategies we have crafted. This enables them to confidently implement and sustain the strategies in the future.

In a world where change is constant, staying ahead requires predicting future trends and challenges. Our role is to assist clients in recognizing upcoming opportunities and threats, crafting strategies to guarantee long-term resilience and prosperity.

We grant clients direct access to our extensive experience and expertise. Our services include personalized support for leaders and teams, nurturing personal development, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking. These seven strategies are at the heart of our consultation services, each tailored to tackle various aspects of business expansion and progress. By conducting thorough analysis, crafting personalized strategies, and providing consistent support, we steer our clients towards realizing their vision of success.

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